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Celine XO Lock Down Order/Shipping Updates

Due to level 4 lock down, Celine XO will only be able to ship items that are essential to your hygiene, health & well being. 

Soaps, Hand Wash, Shower Gel, Bath Bombs etc. Will be available.
Wax Melts will not be available to order/ship out until after the lock down, we apologize for any inconvenience.
Please understand our couriers in NZ are under a massive amount of strain. We've opened this option for you to be able to order items that are essential to you that you're not able to get out and get yourself. Please do not use this service "willy nilly" to satisfy your shopping fix.


We understand that you may have concerns specifically over courier deliveries that involve some level of human contact e.g. handling of the scanner when signing for a parcel.

That's why we're doing contact-less courier deliveries, so you won't need to make any human contact with our courier drivers or staff when receiving your parcels.

How does contact-less delivery work?

  1. Our delivery driver arrives at your premises and alerts you that they have arrived e.g. knock on your door
  2. Our delivery driver will stand about 2 meters away from you and ask for your name, then they will enter it and sign CV-19 on your behalf (this will show in the tracking information)
  3. They'll then place your parcel down in front of them to complete the delivery or in a more appropriate place you indicate e.g. the doorstep
    4.   In other cases, your package(s) may just be left at your doorstep, for the safety of you and our courier driver.

As usual, if you aren't present when our delivery driver arrives, we will leave a missed delivery card. See options for missed deliveries during COVID-19 here.

Will all courier deliveries be contact-less?

Yes. This is the standard delivery process for both signature required parcels and non-signature parcels. We want to minimize the risk to our people; customers and community in all parts of our business.


Please allow 1-3 days for your order to process before shipment.



For any questions please feel free to contact us at