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"We ain't perfect, but we still wish to be used!"

A Box of Whoopsies is a complete random box of bath bomb seconds / bath bombs that got too broken, are smaller because they're made with leftover mix and/or bath bombs that we personally don't think were cute enough to make the cut!

Just because they're not as pretty on the outside, it doesn't mean they aren't still beautiful on the inside/in the bath!

Each Box of Whoopies will contain a complete random amount of products and could range between 5-10 bath bombs depending on their size.
We just want to fill the box!

Ingredients; Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Lac (Milk), Zea Mays (corn) Starch, Magnesium Sulfate, Tartaric Acid, Kaolin, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA), Persea gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Polysorbate 80, Hamamelis Virginiana, (Witch Hazel), Aqua, Fragrance, Colour, Bio-Glitter, Isopropyl Alcohol, Mica.