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Hey Babes!
 XO is a solely owned & ran small business based in Taupo, New Zealand that all started in about 2015 when the owner & founder got sick and fed up of most store brought products making her skin flare up, ick!

Sensitive skin is something she has suffered with from a very young age.
Noticing a lot of products branded to be "gentle on sensitive skin" looking a tad plain and boring, she decided she wanted to start creating something.. well.. new & a bit different ~ by bringing sassy & a bit bad-assy to the bath & body world!
She started working hard trying to formulate recipes that would be able to make bathing more exciting with bright colours, glitters and beautiful smells, not to mention hella fabulous & sassy shapes, however would still be more gentle & have amazing results on sensitive skin! Not only leaving your skin feeling silky smooth but smelling amazing too!

Products made here at Celine XO are all made and packaged with love.. and a bit of sweat and tears lmao. (not actually, ew.)
But still, all completely by hand, by yours truly! Made with skin loving ingredients, beautiful scents and bright colours, packed into fun, exciting shapes! FINALLY, after years of hard work and testing, Celine XO was created. Here to bring you a number of bath and body products formulated for sensitive skin.

"Crafting has always been a giant passion of mine. Being able to constantly create fun new products & turning my ideas into a reality with people actually wanting to purchase them.. is the most amazing feeling.
Thank you so much for supporting my dream."
- Shelby Celine. xo


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