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Celine XO products are now available to wholesale to brick-and-mortar retail shops, online retailers with their own storefronts (websites) AND even events such as baby showers, weddings, birthdays, bachelorette events, etc.

Our products are only able to be purchased at wholesale price if they are to be sold-on to your customers or used at events
(you may not purchase wholesale items for personal use)


Want to STOCK Celine XO products?
Copy, fill out & email the below information to

- First & Last Name: 

- Business Name: 

- NZBN #: 

- Products/Themed Stock would you like to wholesale:

- How you'll be showcasing/selling our products:


- Any extra information you'd like to add? (OPTIONAL): 


Want to have Celine XO products AT AN EVENT?
Copy, fill out & email the below information to

- First & Last Name: 

- Event Type: 

- Date of Event:

- Products/Themed Products would you like to supply at your event: 

- How you'll be showcasing/using our products: 


Once your application has been accepted, you'll receive a list of wholesale prices for your chosen product(s), as well as all of our available colours and fragrances. You will have complete freedom to choose the Colour(s), Fragrance(s) and complete appearance of the products - OR you can leave it up to us to surprise you with the appearance/fragrance etc.



Processing & shipment times will depend on the size of the order and will be discussed upon purchase.
Goods are delivered within New Zealand by courier. Freight is covered by The Buyer and the courier charge will be specified on the invoice.


Minimum order quantities depend on the bath bomb size / product.

Wholesale orders can be paid for via Credit/Debit, Laybuy, AfterPay, ZiP Pay or Bank Deposit.
Orders must be paid for in full to Celine XO before the manufacturing of your order begins.


You have the option to choose if you’d like your bath bombs to be already painted by us, or left unpainted for you to customise. Keep in mind, due to extra time taken - there is additional charges required when choosing for us to paint the bath bombs for you. This will be listed apart of our wholesale pricing sheet. These prices are subject to change and we hold the right to increase or decrease the price without prior warning.



Want us to include a toy/surprise in your bath bombs? Discussion will be required first to ensure your wanted item is able to fit into the bath bomb. All toy/surprise contents costs are to be covered by the buyer. 


You have two labeling options when purchasing our products which are:

1. Unlabeled. - You will receive the products with no labeling at all and it is up to you to advertise and sell on the products, legally in whichever manner that suits your needs and your business structure.
2. Labels included. - You will receive labels with all necessary information listed, loose in an envelope within your order, ready for you to manually attach to your products as and when needed.
There is additional charges required when purchasing labels from us, which will be listed apart of our wholesale pricing sheet. These prices are subject to change and we hold the right to increase or decrease the price without prior warning.
If you choose to purchase the products unlabeled, you must ensure to either label accordingly yourself, or provide point of sale information when selling online or in person.
If you are selling in person or online, you must have somewhere on your display, next to the product in question, a sign with the following information: the product name, usage instructions if not obvious to the product name/type, safety warnings, the full ingredients list including all allergens. This must be done for each and every product on your display. If selling online, you must also state the same information on your web listings. You can copy our ingredients with allergens and safety warnings information from each of our product listings.
If you choose to label the products yourself, you must include the following information on your label: the product name, the directions for use, if not obvious from the product name/type, full ingredients list, including allergens, safety warnings and our manufacturing details "handmade in NZ by Celine XO -". You can include your business name in the example of "handmade in New Zealand for *your business name* by Celine XO -".



Unless otherwise indicated, Coupon / Discount codes will not be honored for wholesale purchases.



Any issues with your order such as product shortage, incorrect product or any other discrepancies must be reported to us via email at
 5 days of from your delivery date, stating your order number and the issue, which we’ll then do our best to resolve.

We cannot accept returns or issue refunds based on that of minor damages or imperfections. We class a minor damage as that of small imperfections of the products, such as slight breakages where small pieces of a product has damaged during shipping, or the decorations used have snapped or broken at all. We try to package our products to the best of our ability to ensure this doesn't occur.

We cannot issue refunds or accept returns based on colour or design variations of the products from that advertised. We try our best to have high quality control, however please bare in mind that due to the handmade nature of our products, differences will occur in design and colour, although we will try our best to ensure an even and accurate distribution of products.

We reserve the right to decline a refund/return if we do not feel the reasons for said return are sufficient or true.

You may not use any imagery, videos, website links, text or descriptions without prior consent from us.

We reserve the right to turn down businesses which we feel aren't a good fit for stocking/showcasing our products.