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Vinyl Decals
Vinyl Decals
Vinyl Decals

Vinyl Decals

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Vinyl Decal

Perfect for hard smooth surfaces like glass, ceramic, wood & plastic
Vinyl Decals are great way to personalize drink bottles, lunch boxes, mugs/cups, cars, mail boxes, cars, windows & so much more.

1. Choose a graphic and colour from our charts

2. Choose your preferred size decal(s)
(6x6 & 6x12 sheets contain multiple versions of the same decal in different sizes. Different decals on one sheet can be requested)

3. Enter the chosen graphic(s) & # colour(s) into your ORDER NOTES like this.

Need a size/colour/graphic/font that isnt listed?
Be in contact

Our Vinyl Decals are made with (depending on your colour choice)

Oracal 651 (Suitable for short - medium term outdoor exposure applications. Indoor exposure us almost unlimited. Fading may occur in direct sunexposure.
Black / White 5 year lifespan)

TeckWrap (Permanent premium vinyl lasts up to 3 years.)

  • For outdoor use
  • Can withstand extreme weather
  • Water-resistant
  • Lasts for three years or more when used indoors or outdoors
  • Will chip the wall or car paint when removed

Typically permanent vinyl on mugs, when hand washed only, lasts for three to eight years, sometimes more.

Let set for 24 hours after applying

Our vinyl decals are not dishwasher safe. The decal may peel off when exposed to the heat inside the dishwasher. One feature of a dishwasher is an automatic heating element. What it does is sanitize the dishes with warm water. The water temperature inside the dishwasher may range between 130°F-140°F.

This heat may cause the adhesive of the decal to peel off. The same concept applies to microwaves. You cannot place a mug or tumbler with a permanent vinyl decal printed on it inside the microwave.

When permanent vinyl is exposed to heat or hot water, the decal will not remove instantaneously. However, the decal may start to peel off over time when continually washed in the dishwasher.

In short, when a decal is heated excessively, this may cause the vinyl to detach from the merchandise. Even if it’s a permanent premium vinyl, it’s better to handwash the merchandise.



PLEASE NOTE: This is a MADE TO ORDER item. Orders will take 1-5 business days to create before shipment